Attorneys Stephen Gordon and Daniel Gordon founded the law firm of Gordon & Gordon to provide legal representation for personal injuries due to the fault of others.  Both injury attorneys live and work right here in the Ark-La-Tex!

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Helping those who have been injured due to the fault of another in a car accident.

Not only do the consequences of a serious accident stretch beyond physical injuries, it can affect your ability to work and completely change all means by which you provide for yourself and those who depend on it. When a car accident is serious enough to cause fatal or severe injuries, or if alcohol was involved, the state will likely prosecute the driver who was at fault. For all other types of car accidents, you, the other driver, and your insurance companies may be left to deal with medical bills and car repair expenses. Often, these issues are resolved in court with the help of experienced Shreveport car accident attorneys.

By hiring a Shreveport car accident lawyer, you are allowing a locally trained professional to deal with the legal hassle associated with your case. It is their job to understand the applicable laws, deadlines, filing requirements, courtroom rules, and many other procedural facets of your case that you may not be familiar with. Gordon & Gordon injury attorneys have been doing this for a living in the Shreveport, LA and surrounding areas, which has given them a basis of knowledge, experience, and instinct to fall back on that most people would never have going into such an important case.


What are the primary causes of car accidents in Shreveport, LA?

  • Driver distraction, fatigue, or intoxication
  • Recklessness or deliberately-dangerous driving, including “road rage”
  • Driver inexperience, including accidents caused by young drivers
  • Mechanical or design failures in a vehicle or any of its parts
  • Speeding or other traffic law violations
  • Dangerous or badly-designed roadways
  • Inclement weather resulting in wet or slippery roads or poor visibility


What steps should you take following a Shreveport car accident?

1. If it is possible, move to a safe area before you stop the vehicle.

If moving your car is not feasible, be sure to use your hazard lights and warn other drivers that your vehicle will not be moving. Take a moment to collect yourself and also make sure it’s safe to get out of your car before opening the door.

2. Check on anyone involved in the car accident.

Be sure that none of the parties involved including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are injured. Call 911 immediately if you suspect or determine that someone has indeed been injured at the scene. Remember, even a seemingly minor symptom like dizziness or slight pain should be checked out by a healthcare professional to make sure there is no internal injury.

3. Call 911 as soon as possible to report the car accident and get help to the scene.

A police accident report can prove invaluable when dealing with your car insurance company and other drivers, even if it’s a minor accident. Cooperate fully and with the officers and follow any instructions you are given, but avoid admitting fault or blaming others. Let police officers objectively judge the events that took place and determine who, if anyone, is at fault in the crash.

4. Gather important information from the party(s) involved and take photos for documentation.

Important information you should collect include driver and passenger names, license plate number of the vehicle(s) involved, pictures of the damage to your vehicle & damages to the opposite vehicle(s), makes & models of the vehicle as well as insurance and contact information, and the name/badge number of any responding police officers.

5. File your insurance claim.

Call your insurance provider at the scene of the car accident or file it through your smartphone. If you are not sure who to call, check your insurance ID card for your insurer’s contact information.


Why should you hire a Shreveport car accident lawyer?

Not only have studies shown that the average person can receive a settlement much larger with legal assistance, but a car accident attorney has a thorough understanding of the law, can better support insurance claims & negotiations of insurance settlements, and can give a contentious and aggressive representation in court. While the services our injury attorneys provide are extensive, the types of claims we handle are highly focused on those resulting from Louisiana car accidents or other personal injuries here in Shreveport, LA. We believe that focusing our practice on Louisiana motor vehicle accident claims makes us much more effective. Through the years, we have established a high level of credibility in Shreveport and the entire Ark-La-Tex, and the experiene & knowledge we’ve obtained means that insurance adjusters take us seriously. When we make a personal injury claim, we’re prepared to prove fault in pursuit of the compensation our clients are entitled to!

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